Newport Shoreline Reclaimed Wood C Table


Mixing simple and sleek reclaimed wood with the strength and modernity of it's iron standing, our Newport Shoreline C Table is carefully handcrafted from reclaimed elmwood found on the roof top of the world. This piece has been smoothed down to seamlessly fit into any space in your home, while still preserving the timeworn character and an indistinguishable heritage found in the marks of distress from it's past life.

Barcode: CHB1601 (P-CSS-BSM)
Dimensions: 12 x 19 x 22 h (in)
Estimated CBM: 0.03
Weight: 0.0


Wholesale Price: $145
Stocking Dealer Price: $131
Volume Price: $116
Container Price: $95

145.00 145.0 USD


Product not available


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